"HANSANDFRANZ does design. we are the outpost for innovation in design. pioneering design for and in cooperation with international brands."


HANSANDFRANZ started working on self-initiated projects whilst being students at the academy of fine arts in munich. not serving a specific client´s need, not depending on a certain brief, nor having relevance for a market by following its regulations. this passion is now professional and goes by the name of HANSANDFRANZ.


still following the principals of early days, working for an industry means to challenge the market. we respect the past but keep our eyes on the future. we hear what people say but do not necessarily listen to it. HAF connects with people and companies that are willing to change the rules of the game and take the risk, that comes with it.


"we are focusing on mind, not money. good design is ahead of its time and a market´s actual relevance."


design has been following the strict definition and rules of a service for many decades. but times have changed and they will do so more often, more quickly, more intense. design is not a service. it´s a quest. HAF is with those, who want to create and formulate the future. developing products for people to identify with.

besides daily business, HAF keeps one eye on studies, we call them "non-profits". this expression is a false friend as we do not profit monetary but we do profit. projects, that rely on sideways thinking with the surplus to potentially polarise. these studies are all prototypes, build in real by ourselves, published regularly to invite for discussion. keeping us focused on minds, not money.


"HANSANDFRANZ is conceptual design. we propose not many but the one design."


our atelier is a mixed-zone. we have a strong belief in designing with a conceptual mindset. every project at HAF is based on research, sketching, dialog, model-making, CAD drawing and prototyping. a mix of analog and digital processes to formulate an individual concept for each design we create at HANSANDFRANZ.

one could call our atelier a built work-life-balance. our space is workspace, living-room, workshop and laboratory at once. the atelier is located on the top-floor of an 1895 built, heritage-protected apartment building in the centre of munich,germany.

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