our studio is the #1winner of an international competition for the logo and artwork of the world´s most dangerous and famous downhill skirace in kitzbühel, austria...the 78. hahnenkamm-race. our concept of a content based camouflage pattern is on tickets, posters, the hahnenkamm funicular, on downhill skis in cooperation with fischer sports and even a mastercard special edition.

the THREE floor lamp for italian lighting company MACROLUX was HAF´s first product ever. the lamp is made of three elements, the legs, the shade and the bulb. a tripod, with a shade consisting of three pieces and a star-shaped bulb fixture.

HAF was comissioned by bicycle company CANNONDALE europe to make a concept of the LEFTY chair that could be communicated as a CANNONDALE product. the launch is supposed to take place at different mountainbike races throughout europe. therefore HAF also invented a special container that also serves as a display for the LEFTY. with only 2 kilos, the chair is light-weight and easy to handle. its´ sporty looks and signature construction don´t emphasize comfort but strength and dynamic.

a single sheet of 3mm thick aluminium, lasercut, bent and folded and given an anodized finish. the 19 slots grip and a stainless steel pin serve as serial numbering method for this collectors edition.

a centuries-old emblem of masculine power, monarchy and erotic assertion, which has come to signify the weak and the old. both these motifs are transformed into a contemporary object with new meaning. to recast an archetypal symbol as a symbol of our time in the context of accessory, fashion and product design, to exalt it as a freshly conceived life-style object. the result is a compelling collection of artesanally crafted anodized aluminum canes in a color scheme that references the ipod.

opened in 1841 as the guest house of king ludwig I, the grand hotel in the city-center of munich is one of the leading hotels of the world. we designed CAMPFIRE, a modular set-up consisting of 2 glass-chimneys and 6 canopied benches, installed on the rooftop of the hotel. HAF gives you shelter from the storm to enjoy starry nights at open fire. CAMPFIRE is open to the public, every day from 4-10 p.m.

we designed a series of "unboxing" vitrines. our first solo exhibition entitled 3me2you1thing4sale at städtische galerie villingen-schwenningen is all about the force of design and how it affects consumers. "unboxing" vitrines, showcasing nothing but themselves were installed along with two smartphones. one showing a youtube original, where a woman, dressed in a silver bikini, unpacks her new computer. the other video shows the designer doing some physical workout.

chess is wellknown all over the world for quiet some time, from the inka to contemporary art, there are many interpretations of this classic board game. HAF designed for schmolzbickenbach, a stainless steel factory´s design department, to combine the classic with the futuristic. VERSUS is a limited edition set of polished figurines.

TELE is an expandable lamp. a LED stripe with a cooling body that you can flip 360° or slide up and down along the tube. by turning this stick lamp, you can have direct or indirect light.

company acapulco design is adding the AD-1 cantilever chair to its collection, the little brother of the classic lounge chair, designed by HANSANDFRANZ. this is no random interpretation made of steel and PVC cords of the type you often see, but a studied further development of a design classic into an upright chair.

an LED arc lamp, expandable and ahead of time. that´s the way we work and we were very happy to find minds alike at KUNDALINI, the italian lighting brand. KYUDO got an technical upgrade and comes with the latest generation of dimmable LED technology. inspiration for HAF´s design came from a classic, the arco by castiglioni. with KYUDO attitude becomes form.

graphic design linked to functional paddings, such you see in buses or commuter trains combined with the surprisingly simple main construction, made of solid oak planks. each and every part is strictly made of 2D material.  a distinct visual indentity, reflecting the conceptual mindset of HANSANDFRANZ.

the CYCLE family of products is comprised of a round stool, round bench and an oval bench. in each, a tailored upholstered cushion floats above two symmetric loops of stainless steel. the sheer simplicity of the benches and stools allow them to blend into a furniture landscape or to stand out as strong accents when they are upholstered in active fabrics or colorful leathers.