ARTPOSTER for hahnenkamm skirace

HANSANDFRANZ as posterboys. the most dangerous skirace in the world is going to happen for the 78. time in january 2018. HAF designed the official 2018 motif for the prestigious event in kitzbühel, austria. talk soon!


CAMPFIRE for five-star hotel bayerischer hof

opened in 1841 as the guest house of king ludwig I, the grand hotel in the city-center of munich is one of the leading hotels of the world. we designed CAMPFIRE, a modular set-up consisting of 2 glass-chimneys and 6 canopied benches, installed on the rooftop of the hotel. HAF gives you shelter from the storm to enjoy starry nights at open fire. CAMPFIRE is open to the public, every day from 4-10 p.m. click for more!


KYUDO for italian company kundalini

for its 20 years birthday, salonemilano´s salone satellite showcases our iconic KYUDO arc lamp for kundalini at a special venue. this LED arc lamp is available in chrome, white,red and black. it´s dimmable and telescopic. giulio cappellini stated KYUDO is the only interpretation of castiglioni´s arco that does a pretty good job in both, design and function.


AD-1 for german start-up acapulco design

Acapulco Design is adding the AD-1 cantilever Dining Chair to its collection, the little brother of the large Lounge Chair, designed by HANSANDFRANZ. This is no random interpretation made of steel and PVC cords of the type you often see, but a studied further development of a design classic into an upright chair.
Designed in Germany, made in Mexico!