opened in 1841 as the guest house of king ludwig I, the grand hotel in the city-center of munich is one of the leading hotels of the world. we designed CAMPFIRE, a modular set-up consisting of 2 glass-chimneys and 6 canopied benches, installed on the rooftop of the hotel. HAF gives you shelter from the storm to enjoy starry nights at open fire. CAMPFIRE is open to the public, every day from 4-10 p.m. click for more!


lindwurmstrasse 201 ATELIER

a1895 built apartment building in the center of munich. a painter studio on the 5th floor with ceiling height 5.2 meters and us, a team of 4. that´s the new home of HANSANDFRANZ. our atelier features a main area for experimentation, driven by the belief in design being more than just form and function.


FUNKTION private commission

this is a preview. we will soon release this set of barstool and armchair, featuring a strict formal language in combination with a wicked graphic design.